“Scapegoat Scandal: DeSantis’s Unwieldy Take on Untimely Deaths
In the wake of Desantiss' recent tragedy, his views on untimely death have been a topic of hot debate. It's no secret that he's had some drastically different opinions on the subject in the past, depending on whom he is attempting to scapegoat. First, when the topic of deaths due to media controversies and corruption came up, Desantiss was quick to label it as "unfortunate" and a "tragedy." He put the blame squarely on those responsible for damaging public trust in the media and government, and in doing so rallied behind the victims and their families to show solidarity. He viewed the deaths as unnecessary and preventable, and was quick to call out those he felt were responsible. However, the tone completely changed after the death of an individual that Desantiss felt was connected to an organization that had caused great disruption in his homeland. Viewing this death as a direct result of his own suffering, Desantiss now proclaimed the death as "inevitable" and the result of an organized agenda. He now deemed the death as a necessary evil and called for retribution for what he believed was a crime against himself and his country. Desantiss' views on untimely death are thus vastly different depending on whom he attempts to scapegoat. When he places blame on those in positions of power and authority, he views death as preventable and unnecessary. On the other hand, when he seeks retribution against those he feels have wronged him, he sees death as an inevitable and necessary result. It thus can be said, that Desantis' views on untimely death depend on whom he gets to scapegoat.