“Seeing Success in the Stock Market: A Video Guide to Achieving Financial Comfort
As the stock markets continue to gavel wildly, it can be hard to stay up-beat and take comfort in the stock charts. In this video interview, Brad Dombrowski of iChase Consulting provides some insight into the technical aspects of the stock market and specifically looks at what is going on with the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Dombrowski is somebody with experience in the stock market who has a strong technical background and understands the ins-and-outs of the stock market. He shares the importance of taking into account the longer-term trends of a stock when looking at the charts since it can be difficult to know what’s really going on in the short-term with just one graph. He makes the point that nothing is certain in the stock market, but being able to look at the trends and anticipate how it can go is key to successful trading. He also discusses the possibility of a market correction which is something investors should take into account and be prepared for when putting money into any stocks. Dombrowski combines his technical knowledge with his experience in the stock markets to provide a great overview of what’s currently going on. He also explains how investors can take comfort in the stock charts by taking a look at the trends. And by referencing the long-term trends, investors can gain valuable insight into what is really going on and make more informed decisions when deciding which stocks to invest in.