“Speaker Snubs Hard-Right Fervor, Averting Shutdown Crisis
The last few weeks have been tumultuous for the United States. With the prospect of a looming government shutdown, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made her intentions well known - she will do whatever it takes to prevent such a disaster from occurring. In a show of immense willpower, Pelosi has decided to move past hard-right concerns in an effort to avoid a government shutdown. Pelosi's opponents are heavily entrenched on the right, and would have preferred a partial government shutdown as an act of intimidation - something Pelosi refuses to do. This decision comes after many of Pelosi's Democratic Party colleagues have expressed their support for a controversial spending bill, one that has seen vocal condemnation from conservative pundits. Pelosi has stated that she believes that a government shutdown would not be in the best interests of the United States, and has decided to put partisanship aside in her decision to help prevent one from occurring. The tension between the two sides of the aisle has been compounded by President Trump's ongoing battle with House Democrats, regarding matters of security at the US-Mexico border and elsewhere. While Pelosi has been clear about her desire to avoid a shutdown, she has also been adamant that President Trump abide by the laws of the country. Pelosi's decision to move past hard-right concerns has been praised, but it is uncertain what will happen in the coming weeks. With the House passing its spending bill, the Senate must now approve it. It is expected that many Republicans will back the spending package, as a compromise between the two sides is necessary if a shutdown is to be avoided. In the meantime, Pelosi has made it clear that she will continue to pursue a constructive approach in her effort to avoid a government shutdown. Her team of negotiators will continue to work tirelessly to find a resolution that both sides can be happy with - something that will be a difficult task but one that can be achieved. Pelosi has done what she can to prevent a government shutdown and, while the weeks ahead are uncertain, her desire to move past hard-right concerns shows her commitment to steering the country away from disaster.