Tim Scott Risks It All in Iowa – Will It Pay Off?
As Tim Scott's 2020 presidential bid struggles in the polls and fundraising, the South Carolina senator has decided to double down his efforts by putting his money and staff into the crucial Iowa caucuses. Long seen as the first major test of a campaign's strength and viability, Iowa has become Scott's last hope to make a major impression against Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic field. Scott has tried numerous strategies to differentiate himself, including emphasizing his faith and his policy positions. However, much of this has failed to break through the din of the primary season. In an effort to make a splash and truly demonstrate his commitment to the caucuses, Scott has decided to invest both his money and his time in Iowa. This a major shift for Scott, who only days ago was seen to be focusing his resources on South Carolina, a state whose primary will be decided on February 29th. Scott has said that his newfound dedication to Iowa is meant to demonstrate to the voters there that he is serious about their choice to pick the eventual Democratic nominee—and the individual who will face off against President Trump this November. The strategy shift also comes as Scott has reportedly laid off or reassigned more than a quarter of his staff nationally. Those cuts follow a disappointing fundraising total that puts Scott at the bottom of the list of candidates for the Democratic nomination. Scott has not given any indication that he plans to drop out of contention before the Iowa caucuses. However, should he fail to make a strong showing in those hotly contested primaries, it could be the last stand for his candidacy. Scott is banking heavily on Iowa to stay alive in the race and trailblaze the way to the nomination.