“Trump Angers as Campaign Delights: Federal Gag Order Sparks Uproar
President Donald Trump is seething at the federal judge's gag order that his campaign is eagerly embracing. The order, issued by U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss, prohibits lawyers and witnesses connected to the case from making public statements about Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Trump has publicly and loudly criticized the gag order. He has argued that it restricts his attorney's right to free speech and thus is unconstitutional. On Twitter, Trump declared that it was an "Obama judge" trying to "protect their Bathhouse buddy." He even suggested that it was a political vendetta against him. However, Trump's campaign has proven surprisingly welcoming of the gag order. On Sunday, for instance, spokesman Tim Murtaugh praised the order as “totally appropriate” and “good news” because it prevents anyone involved in the case from muddying Flynn's name. The Trump campaign has long argued that Flynn was railroaded by the FBI and they are eager to protect his reputation. The gag order makes it easier for the Trump campaign to make their case. With the order, they don't have to worry about contradictory or undermining statements coming from Flynn or his lawyers. It also prevents critics of the Trump campaign from using Flynn's statements to bolster their argument. This is not to say that everyone is in agreement with the gag order. Opponents of the Trump administration believe that the gag order goes too far and that it isn't needed due to the overwhelming evidence already collected on Flynn. They also fear that the order is being used to protect people in the Trump administration. Nevertheless, it appears that the gag order is here to stay. For better or for worse, the gag order will remain in effect while the case is ongoing. It is up to President Trump and the Trump campaign to decide how to deal with the order.