“UAW Strikes On: President Warns of Possible Walkouts at Any Time
In a recent news conference, United Auto Workers (UAW) president, Gary Jones, warned that further walkouts at the union's 2019 contract negotiations could potentially take place at any time. This news comes amid the ongoing over 20-day strike of nearly 50,000 union members against General Motors, a turn of events that are said to be costing GM an estimated $2 billion per month. The potential for further action lies within a disagreement regarding General Motors' stance of keeping labor costs down. The union's main goal is to preserve and better their members' wages, health and retirement benefits, and to protect job security by securing production of vehicles to be made in America. Union worker perks, such as certain tuition discounts, have likewise reportedly been seen as part of the negotiations. It is unknown just how long the strike could continue, but continued promises like the one Jones made signals that the union is prepared to stay the course until a resolution to the negotiations is reached. In recent days, activist groups have even gone so far as to support the UAW's plans, with some going so far as to adopt their own coordinating strategies. Additionally, several local politicians have spoken out in support of the strike and the union, citing their commitment to their constituents and to maintaining America’s standard of living. The UAW has been able to maintain their stance and power throughout the negotiations due to the over 80% approval striking members gave before beginning the strike. Should talks ultimately fail, this would appear to be an indication that further walkouts may be imminent. However, should the UAW and GM agree to a resolution, an agreement could be made that pleases both parties. Until then, affected workers and their family’s future seemingly hangs in the air. With hopes for a peaceful resolution, it remains to be seen how the situation will progress.