“Uncovering the Truth: Investigating U.S. Handling of 2020 Election Fraud
Donald Trump's personal lawyers are seeking to investigate how the US government handled allegations of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, according to media reports. The effort, led by Trump's longtime lawyer and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, appears to be a last-ditch attempt to challenge the legitimacy of President-elect Joe Biden's election victory. The effort is independent from the ongoing recount efforts in multiple states, and it appears to be directed at the ability of state authorities to conduct elections, the New York Times reported. The effort has so far included meetings with federal officials, including the acting head of the US General Services Administration, Emily Murphy, who has so far refused to sign paperwork allowing the transition to begin. The effort has already been met with pushback from Democrats, who are concerned that it could threaten the stability of the US electoral system. According to the Times, Giuliani has been trying to uncover evidence of widespread fraud that allegedly affected the election, but so far no credible evidence of fraud has been produced. Trump and his allies have filed dozens of lawsuits in the aftermath of the election, but most of them have been rejected by courts for lack of evidence. It is unclear if the investigation being sought by Giuliani will uncover anything, and it may be too late to effectively challenge the results of the election. But the fact that Trump's lawyers are seeking to investigate the government's handling of the election is another sign of the president's refusal to accept the outcome of the election.