“Univision Shakes Up Its Strategy For Covering Trump!
Univision, the leading Spanish-language media company, is making a dramatic shift in its approach to covering President Donald Trump. A recent statement from the company said that while the tone of its reporting will remain critical, it will also focus more on the politics than the personality of the President. The move is seen as a way for Univision to maintain relevance with Latinos in the United States who are often turned off by the president's divisive rhetoric. In the past, Univision's coverage of Trump has been consistently negative, but the new approach aims to address the issues surrounding the President and his administration without getting caught up in the drama. The rationale behind the shift is that Univision wants to remain a leader in Spanish-language news while trying to reach a broader audience. In the statement, the company explained that covering only the negative aspects of Trump could lead to a politicized or one-sided view of the news. The new approach will instead look to focus on the conversations that are happening behind the scenes about policy and its potential effects on Hispanics and Americans overall. Univision's shift in coverage also comes at a time when more and more Hispanics are starting to view the president favorably. A Gallup poll from October 2020 showed that 42 percent of Hispanic Americans approve of Trump's job performance. Univision appears to be making a proactive effort to ensure that the network remains a trusted source of news and information for the Hispanic community. In a country where the political divide has grown increasingly sharp, Univision is taking on a unique strategy to navigate the tricky landscape. By focusing more on the policy of the president than the personality, the Spanish-language news giant could become a trusted source of information for all sides.