“Unlock the Last Five Surprises: The Top Ten Hidden Features of StockCharts!
Most investors who utilize StockCharts already understand the basic features available, but what about the hidden features? StockCharts is a comprehensive online charting platform that offers sophisticated analytical tools - and even some that don’t feel so obvious. Here are the top ten hidden features of StockCharts that you should know about. 6. Price-Based Charts: Price-based charts use several technical analysis indicators that focus on changes in a security’s price rather than its volume (like bar and line charts). Price-based charts include Point & Figure, Renko and Kagi. 7. Chartisms: Simple shapes called “Chartisms” are used to identify potential entry and exit points on a chart. These Chartisms include the cup and handle, head and shoulder patterns, double/triple tops and bottoms, wedges, triangles, flags and pennants. 8. Sector Analysis: You can use StockCharts to look at how market sectors are performing relative to each other. Heat Maps, Performance Leaders and Laggards, and Market Summary pages are available tools. You can also view performance data for individual stocks within sectors. 9. Divergence Analysis: This type of analysis looks for discrepancies between the price action of a security (as seen on a chart) and the activity of its indicators, such as the Relative Strength Index or MACD. 10. Technical Alerts: Sign up for alerts using TriggerCharts, which measure technical data against what you specify. When certain patterns are achieved, you’ll receive an email alert to let you know. These top ten hidden features of StockCharts are just a few of the many tools available for investors. Consider familiarizing yourself with these and any other features you may not have known about. With StockCharts in your corner, you’ll have an edge on the market.