Win Big at a Warehouse Auction with Unwanted Holiday Returns!
Returning a gift you received during the holidays can be a tricky situation. Depending on the store’s policy and the item’s condition, you may find yourself without a refund, or left with a gift that isn’t exactly what you wanted. Unfortunately, some stores have strict policies and may require the merchandise to be returned with its protective packaging. If the gift you received is not in original condition, you could be stuck with it and an oversight of disappointment once the holidays are over. What’s even worse, is that some stores will send the returned item to a warehouse auction with no refund or exchange offered, increasing someone else’s chance of winding up with a “used” holiday gift. A warehouse auction is an auction company that specializes in the selling of overstock and returned merchandise. This type of auction is popular among vendors and retailers who are looking to find good merchandise at a fraction of the cost. The retailer will then resell the merchandise at a marked up price in their store or on their website. What this means for the customer is that when you return a holiday gift, you could unknowingly be helping someone else fulfill their New Year’s resolution. On the flipside, if you’re the type of person who loves online shopping and bargain hunting, a warehouse auction could be a great way to get a deep discount on a good quality gift. At the end of the day it’s best to look into the store’s return policy before returning any holiday gifts that aren’t exactly what you wanted. That way, you can avoid unwittingly helping someone else get a great deal on a holiday gift—and in the same token, help yourself get what you want and need.