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In an exclusive interview with Godzillanewz, recently released giant monster movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, director Michael Dougherty has been discussing the fan-favorite character of the iconic movie series. Dougherty reveals that his intention for the movie was to take Godzilla to the next level, and show viewers a more intimidating, powerful version of the monster. Described as a "love letter to the classic monster", Dougherty acknowledges the strides taken by previous film directors for the character, and commends their efforts. He wanted to take the concept even further, and make Godzilla a more intimidating presence on-screen. Dougherty explains that in order to emphasize "Godzilla as a force of nature ... [he] crafted a massive creature with a wide gait and upright stature." Dougherty wanted Godzilla to embody the power of a Tsunami or a typhoon, and appear more dangerous and intimidating as a result of these cinematic attempts to give the character a more powerful presence. Dougherty explains that "Godzilla is both a terrifying force but also a sympathetic hero" and that the way he has been interpreted in this film is reflective of that. He wanted to make the character more exciting and dynamic through the portrayal of a powerful, stunning force. Dougherty notes that his favorite part of the film is when Godzilla makes his grand entrance, with the audience witnessing a scene of awe-striking scale and size. Dougherty closes the interview off on an uplifting note, expressing his delight at the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response the film has received from both audiences and critics alike. He sees this movie as a way for greats like Godzilla to stay alive and continue the legacy of these characters for generations to come.