“WR1 Halted – What Now For Winsome Resources Limited (ASX)?
Shares of Winsome Resources Limited (ASX: WR1) have been halted from trading on the Australian Stock Exchange following a sudden announcement from the company regarding a potential change of ownership. The announcement, released just before midday on Friday 22nd of December, stated that the company has received a proposal from an “Australia-based strategic investor” to acquire all of the shares in Winsome. As a result of this potential change of ownership, the ASX has decided to halt trading of the company’s shares until January 19th, 2021. The announcement did not specify the identity of the investor attempting to purchase Winsome Resources Limited, although the company did specify that all shareholders will be updated on the potential transaction in the coming days. It is also unclear why the acquisition is taking place, although it is possible that the potential investor may be interested in the company due to the resources it holds. Winsome Resources Limited is involved in a variety of extractive industries, predominantly the extraction and processing of rare earths, which are used in a variety of modern electronic products. Given the importance of rare earths in electronic manufacturing, it is not hard to see why an investor may be interested in such an acquisition. Furthermore, the company also holds a portfolio of largely wind-based energy projects, meaning the potential investors may also be interested in Winsome’s potential energy resources. Regardless of the actual reasons behind the potential acquisition, shareholders of Winsome Resources Limited will likely have to wait until January 19th to learn more. Until then, all eyes will remain on ASX WR1 as the company’s shares remain halted.